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Sharing Poetry, Knowledge, and Constructive Criticism

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The LiveJournal Poet Guild is a collective of poets working together to increase their skills as poets through sharing poetry, constructive criticism, and knowledge sharing. This Guild has been creative by Mark Kraus (aka markthepoet) who is a poet struggling to get published. It has been created as a safe haven for poets receive constructive criticism from their peers. It also serves as a place to impart secrets of the craft.

Membership to this community is moderated and only those who have contacted markthepoet before joining will be admitted. There are also some initial qualifications that must be met.

1. You must be a poet, published or not.
2. You must be willing to submit at least 1 poem for peer review and will be expected to submit it before offering any criticism to other members.
3. You must be willing to critique at least 1 poem submitted by a peer.
4. You must be willing to submit at least 1 educational entry in the form of an article, essay, research piece, or lecture on writing poetry or any of its secrets.
5. You must agree that all criticism will be constructive
6. You must agree to keep all of the postings and comments secret unless the author agrees it may be made public.
7. You must agree to offer membership to any poets you meet.

This community is not simply a community for submitting poems and not interacting. This community is for people serious about the craft of poetry wishing to improve their skills. Guilds such as this are a recommended first step by many publishing companies for beginning poets (with “beginning poets” defined as anyone not having their works published in well respected publications).

Once you have joined you are free to post and comment unmoderated.

Topics include improving mood effectiveness, idea condensing, metaphor and smiley development, meter, rhyme, contemporary poetry, classic poetry, poetry publishing, poetry contests, the writing environment, overcoming writers block, etc.