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The LiveJournal Poet Guild

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A post Nov. 10th, 2005 @ 09:44 pm
Joined the community - didn't see a multitude of poems, so I have decided to post one.

Polished fancies in window sill,
Sullen child crying, tantrum as father pays the bill.
Drop dead in the night of winter
A biting wind complimented by icy beard.

Polk-a-dot bargains, being scolded by the mini
Forgotten in the closet beside the old cardigan.
Lost amongst the fanning eyes, dark and lonely in the game
Slipping gracefully on knee high tights, what a shame.

Steam rising from the gutters,
Sewer breathe fogging down the stairs.
Old lonely man wandering,
Looking for a love or coat to wear.

And the ancient sea side rumble,
Singing songs upon the shore.
Dips nighttime into daylight,
Last cockerel crowing in the salty morn.

Loving dandies, mistaken queens
Hopeful children jumping with glee.
Small stature elf-man yelling for more
Showing them in and out through the door.
Snowy reprieve in the conceptual town
Little Milton has sung, the rabbit has run
Forgetting the fennel in place for the swear
Gas guzzling car being bought and then bared.

Your weary eyed mother, in her trailer-park home
Decorating the palm leaves with obedient care –
Soft baked chocolates to be cooled in the air
Worshiped by children, in their gloomy night-lair.
Listen up families, runners of coal
The miners of silver, orange pickers and whores –
Your Christmas song is being sung, echoing through the halls
Drop your picks and busting purses, to dance with us all.

Lukewarm punches being served at the party,
Khaki clad soldiers being doled out rum and some candy.
The mercenary children being led off to war
Businessmen in their coat tails crying for more!
The twit and the player, the joker and fool
Court jesters we call for, a play then a duel –
Bread for the hungry, circus for the bored
Nero sends his cold tidings, will you come watch it burn?

Welcome to the LiveJournal Poet Guild Nov. 7th, 2005 @ 12:45 pm

Hello and welcome!

This community is for serious poets seeking constructive criticism and knowledge sharing from fellow poets.

I am the community maintainer, Mark Kraus. I have created this guild as a means to improve my poetry skills and hopefully help others to do so.

To be a member you must be a poet and must be willing to submit at least 1 poem for peer review, give constructive criticism on at least 1 poem, and submit at least 1 educational entry in the form of an article, essay, or lecture on something pertaining to the craft of poetry.

Discussion is open to any topic so long as it is related to poetry in some way. Once you are a member you may post and comment un-moderated.

For more information about the LiveJournal Poet Guild, please read the info page at http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=poetguild


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